Large Format Printing On Demand

Connecting intellectual property creators with end-users

PIY is the future of connecting intellectual property creators to end users.

The Process

1. design

DESIGN per the PIY guidelines and proprietary techniques
Download a design from the PIY Digital Asset Marketplaces

2. Pick

PICK a PIY filler and load printer.

Add filler as needed to the proprietary PIY pellet bin system for endless large format prints.

3. Pull

PULL print and start post process.

Trim support material and prep for Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass, Vinyl, or painting.

4. Final

FINAL finish work for paint / wrap given the component post process.

Shred support material for re-use.

How Does It Work?

Through the use of Digital Asset Marketplaces and large format composite 3D printing on demand.

The Tech

Our proprietary extrusion system and “shell” printer settings provides an efficient, accurate print with a continuous supply of filament. Our unique filament shredding system allows for up to 96% material usage to minimize waste.

Variety of Uses

PIY Printers are “shell” optimized for everything relating to body, panel, component, hull, and fuel cell fabrication. Choosing from a variety of fillers, users can print components on demand for Auto, Marine, & Aircraft applications.

PIY Digital Asset Marketplaces

Users can either design their own components or download a component from one of the PIY Digital Asset Marketplaces:

PIY Printer sizes that will be available in 2022

PIY-M Series

Large format composite printers designed for the motorcycle industry, a printer large enough to print motorcycle bodies and fuel cells for both race and street applications. From Superbike racing to highly uniquely custom choppers, this printer will fit in the corner of your shop and provide an entirely new creative realm for engineers/designer/builders.


Print Build Area – 24”x36”x36”

PIY-CU Series

This printer is designed for use in the Car/UTV industry with being sized perfect for fenders, front and rear clips, and other components including fuel cells. If you are building supercars or custom utv’s this printer will open your capabilities as a builder/designer/engineer to an entirely new world of
possibilities for projects.


Print Build Area – 33”x50”x70”

PIY-T Series

The largest of the composite printers, the T series is capable of printing an entire Trophy Truck front clip in one shot. From off-road race truck bodies to commercial applications these printers can tackle large surface components with ease.


Print Build Area – 118”x58”x84”

The Future of Auto/Marine/Aircraft

PIY is the future of connecting intellectual property creators to end users.

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